Special Education Needs

The school has a graduated and staged response to Special Education Needs (SEN) provision. This means that, once a child has been assessed as having additional needs, we will put in place appropriate intervention programmes to support their needs and evaluate these every term.

Our Inclusion, Equality & Diversity Policy and use of Pupil Premium funding promotes a welcoming, supportive school environment where everyone is valued highly, and where tolerance, honesty, co-operation and mutual respect for others are fostered.

We have a broad, balanced and learner lead curriculum which provides equal opportunity for all pupils to maximise their potential. Parents, governors and members of the wider community are similarly recognised as contributors to the learning needs of the individual child.

Details of our policies relating to provisions for children with Special Education Needs can be found below.

For more information please contact Claire Kitchen, Learning Manager, by email at office@gatleyprimary.com  

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