Rebecca Catton - Staff Governor

Rebecca has been teaching at Gatley Primary School for eight years and is currently working as a Phase Leader.

During this time, Rebecca has had experience in teaching in EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, spending several years in leadership roles, Additionally, Rebecca has completed her MA in Education, gained MSc credits in Educational Leadership and has completed the NPQSL qualification.

Rebecca is keen to facilitate and drive a curriculum that supports children to achieve their full potential, in an environment that inspires confidence and grows life-long learners who truly care about the world in which they live, and the people with whom they share it. Visible in the local community, Rebecca works to provide experiences for the children of Gatley Primary School that extend beyond the classroom, and has a particular passion for the arts.

In joining the Governing Board Rebecca hopes to use her experience and understanding of the children at Gatley Primary School to provide an additional perspective that will support the board in making the best decisions for all stakeholders within our school community.

Term of Appointment:

1 September 2019 – 31 August 2021 Appointed by GB/Board

Declaration of Business and / or Financial interests:



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