At the Education Learning Trust we aim to create a challenging learning environment  where children develop both academically and personally.  We take pride in our achievements and have high expectations for each child in every aspect of their work.

As a multi academy trust, we have continued to achieve consistently high academic standards and 2018 saw Gatley Primary School secure first place in the top primary schools in Greater Manchester.  We welcome families from all cultures and nationalities into our schools and have a track record of supporting low attainers and pupils with special needs - thereby ensuring that we are successful at closing gaps in academic outcomes.

Our leaders are skilled in people development (both adults and children) and involve them in decision making – empowering them to generate contributions.  To that end, we have achieved Investors in People ‘Full Framework’ status (accreditation above Gold).

Our objectives and focus as a trust are as follows:

  • to develop and enthuse excellent teaching and learning leading to the highest academic standards
  • to ensure a safe, nurturing and caring environment for all to thrive
  • to create the best possible teachers, leaders and governors
  • to share the best educational practice through collaborative approaches
  • to be a driving force for change and school improvement

Our annual accounts and accompanying report for the year ended 31st August 2018 includes the following:

  • list of Trustees
  • names, dates of appointment and terms of office for all Trustees and Governors who have served at any point during 2017/18
  • attendance records of Trustees at board and committee meetings during 2017/18
  • attendance records for Governors at Governing Body and committee meetings during 2017/18
  • the Accounting Officer’s value for money statement

Education Learning Trust Information

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