Purpose and Values

Purpose and Values

The Teaching School, along with its alliance partners, engages with the broader educational agenda within:

  • Initial Teacher Training
  • Succession Planning
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • School to School Support Work
  • Research and Development

Working directly with the Empower Schools Alliance, the teaching school is clear about its sense of purpose and direction, and holds the following values central to the work it undertakes:

  • E – Enabling improved outcomes for children and staff through collaboration and the sharing of best practice
  • M – Maintaining leading edge thinking and methodologies through research and development to provide benefits for all
  • P – Promoting an innovative, learner-led approach to the curriculum
  • O – Outstanding teaching and learning delivered through knowledge, innovation and commitment
  • W – Willing to learn, in order to raise standards and improve outcomes further
  • E – Empathetic and supportive, with a forward-thinking approach to education
  • R – Responsive to the management of change, both now and in future

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