(Designed from images provided by the children during a whole school consultation at Gatley Primary School)

Our curriculum at Gatley Primary follows a learner led approach and is designed collaboratively between children and staff.

We lay particular emphasis on teaching a wide range of skills to prepare children for each transitional phase, including secondary education and their future role in society. Woven through our innovative and creative approach to learning, children receive focused teaching in our core skills.

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

Teaching, learning and the design of the curriculum at Gatley Primary are grounded in consultation and research. Emphasis is on developing the teachers’ and teaching assistants’ professional practice to enable them to facilitate a pupil led and holistic approach. William (2016) argues that, through this, personal empowerment, transmission of culture, preparation for citizenship and work will follow. Both teachers and pupils have the choice and autonomy of how they wish to develop, ensuring that National Curriculum expectations are the starting point.

“The Gatley curriculum is creative and pupil led within national curriculum expectations leading to engaged pupils who are high order thinkers with independent and transferable skills.” Staff

We believe that people learn best in different ways. At our school, we aim to provide a rich and varied learning environment that allows all pupils to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential. Pupils are given opportunities to lead on curriculum design to embed a deep understanding of how learning evolves. Strong links are developed between skills, learning behaviours and knowledge. This allows pupils to become experts in a broad range of up to date topics and subject disciplines e.g. Year six study of politics and Brexit.

“The curriculum is about enjoying learning and making decisions.” Pupil

“It gives you the chance to do things in different ways - it gives you a chance to change yourself and show everyone that you are different.” Pupil

Adopting a cognitive model of learning, breadth and progression is embedded in curriculum planning to ensure that challenge and high order thinking are integral to our classrooms. We believe that through the teacher’s facilitation, connections between subjects and skills can grow, enabling all pupils to capitalise on an environment that generates freedom to learn.

“The curriculum is what the children have to learn and also what they can learn” Pupil

This quote demonstrates how Gatley strives to awaken pupils to what they ‘can’ possibly achieve rather that what they ‘should’ achieve. In order to support this we commit to reflective practices and adopt an outward facing viewpoint, never assuming that what we do is the answer.

“Our curriculum intends to provide children with the opportunity to access learning in a way that develops life-long learners who can adapt, show flexibility and not need a set answer.” Staff

Children in Early Years follow the Development Matters Curriculum working towards the Early Learning Goals.  At the end of Reception, children are assessed using the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile.  In order for the school to gain a full and accurate picture of the children we encourage parents to share their knowledge of their child.  Children learn with enjoyment and challenge, both within the indoor and outdoor learning environment.  The Foundation Stage prepares children for learning in Key Stage 1 and begins to make links with the National Curriculum.

For children in Years 1 – 6 we implement the National Curriculum Programmes of Study in both core and foundation subjects.  The curriculum for all year groups is co-constructed with the children to ensure that their personal interests, wellbeing and backgrounds are reflected and developed.  All our staff take a team responsibility for an area of the curriculum and are able to offer expertise and knowledge when necessary.  There are six curriculum teams covering the key areas of learning:

Each team has developed their own curriculum intent as well as a teaching progression map. To view these, please click on a team above.

For further information regarding the school’s approach to teaching the curriculum, please contact Rebekah Lyall, Curriculum Lead by email at office@gatleyprimary.com.


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