Make Your Mark

In March 2020, every child in our school participated in a whole school project named 'Make Your Mark'. Classes from all over the school collaborated on projects designed to give something back our local community.

The projects included:

  • Making blankets for the local vet
  • Collecting food and raising money for a foodbank
  • Making planters to sell in order to raise funds for the local conservation group Gatley Carrs
  • Writing their very own Gatley song
  • Designing and making Gatley community chairs
  • Decorating plant pots and handing them out to businesses who help the community
  • Designing a healthy menu item for The Spinn
  • Framing photographs of the local area to sell with all proceeds being donated to a local cause

Take a look below to see what they created:

Well done everyone! These are our finished products:



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