The safety of our community is always a priority. Our School Travel Plan Policy outlines practical steps to improve children's safety on the journey to and from school. The plan aims to result in benefits for pupils, parents and the wider community. It is an essential part of a school's efforts to promote responsible and sustainable transport options and help to reduce the impact of cars on the roads around school. a copy of this policy can be found at the bottom of this page.

The students of our Young Gatley Village Partnership council have worked with a variety of stakeholders to raise the importance of traffic safety around school. As well as targeted monitoring around school roads during peak times, they met with local councillors and were successful in campaigning for yellow lines around the crossroads at the junction of Hawthorn Road, Burnside Road and Cedar Road. We ask that all members of our community comply with the rules surrounding road markings and adhere to the highway code: and

They have also consulted with our PCSO, Caroline Maxim, to discuss ways in which we can help each other to keep safe. As a result, Caroline came into school and delivered assemblies to all of our children about ways in we can be safe, and keep each other safe, when using the roads around school. 

The school has set up a number of chaperone services which run from key areas around school. These are operated by school staff who walk children to school, and chaperone them back to the car parks at the end of the school day. 

Please follow this link to see more about our chaperone services:

We met with residents to discuss traffic calming. This is an outline of the discussions:


School Travel Documents and Policies

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