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Pop Up Pool

During the summer term, we have a Pop Up Pool which arrives a school to enrich the delivery of the swimming curriculum. This wonderful facility has allowed us to 'top up' provision to any child who hasn't met the end of Key Stage 2 standards for swimming, stretch our swimmers to develop a greater awareness of water safety and rescue, to participate in games such as water polo and to develop water confidence with our younger pupils so that they are ready to embark on the full swimming curriculum.

Elite Swimming Pools to Schools pop-up Swimming Pool

What is Pools to Schools Pop-Up Pool?

A pop up heated and filtered swimming pool on site at school, with qualified swimming teachers and lifeguards that delivery high quality swimming lessons to all pupils at Gatley Primary School. The pool is 32ft by 16ft, filled with 55,000 litres of water, heated between 26 and 32 degrees, covered by a secure marquee.

Why do we use this facility?

This opportunity encourages smaller class sizes of 12 children to 3 adult ratio, meaning that lessons are bespoke to the children's individual needs. The lessons run throughout the duration of the school day meaning that there will be increased opportunities for pupils to use the pool. Every child from Reception up to Year 6 has the opportunity to go in the pop-up pool to develop their water confidence or to gain top-up swimming lessons.

Our aim is to increase the number of children swimming without flotation devices whilst in the pool by the time they reach Year 3, where they will attend swimming lessons at The Forum. We would also like to challenge our more able swimmers by providing top-up lessons to develop their lifesaving skills and individual swimming technique. 

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