Curriculum Leadership

At Gatley Primary School, we see every member of our school community as a leader. As such, all staff take responsibility for curriculum leadership and development within the roles on our curriculum teams.

The curriculum teams take responsibility for developments within subjects as follows:

Mathematical Understanding: Maths

Science and Technological Understanding: Science, Computing and DT

Understanding the Arts: Art, Drama and Music

English Communication and Languages: English an MFL

Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding: History, Geography and RE

Physical Development and Wellbeing: PE and PSHE

Each curriculum team has taken responsibility for the development of the progression grid and curriculum sequencing documentation for their subject disciplines, outlining the key big ideas and concepts to be studied and the progression within these. Subject leaders have also identified the key knowledge and skills to be developed by the end of each phase. Additionally, curriculum teams have developed their own intents for the delivery of their subjects and each year, they carefully consider the foci for improvement for their subjects which is interrogated through our Quality Assurance processes and Subject Leaders' own self-evaluations.

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