Our Curriculum Intent

A Curious curriculum, explored in Collaboration, developing Comprehension and Connectivity enabling Compassion and Creativity for all.

A curriculum which promotes and develops Curiosity enables learners to question the world they live in, and the world they will grow up in, through utilising the important knowledge they hold and gain - in Piaget's belief that 'the more knowledge you hold, the more curious you become.'

Collaboration is the beating heart of our school and Trust - it represents the way we work together in our classrooms and beyond - between adults, and between adults and children, in the spirit that we are all learners.


Comprehension and Connectivity is the foundation and focus of curriculum design and curriculum structures so that important knowledge is gained and built upon, within and across subjects, in order to build conceptual schemas of knowledge. 


Compassion and Creativity are the desired outcomes of our curriculum journey. The context of our curriculum enables learners to develop their cultural capital knowledge in developing their compassion and their pride and ambitions as citizens of Greater Manchester. Learners are encouraged to showcase the knowledge they acquire in the curriculum in creative ways which further ignite their curiosity and develop creative thought.





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