Meet the Governing Body

The Academy Governing Body (AGB) of Gatley Primary School has three core functions and is responsible for:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • to support and challenge the systems within the school to ensure the performance of the school remains at its highest level
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

 To ensure effective governance, the following have been put in place:

  • the appointment of individuals with the necessary skills, and diversity of perspectives
  • an effective chair and an explicit governor code of conduct
  • clear governance structures with tightly defined remits
  • clear separation, but a positive relationship, between the role of the board and its school leaders
  • the support and advice of an independent and professional clerk
  • robust processes for finance, business planning and compliance
  • processes for regular self-evaluation, review and improvement

Our AGB is chaired by Lisa Dennis, who can be contacted by email at:

The Governing Board meets three times per academic year.

The dates for this academic year are:

Wednesday 19 October 2022 at 5.30pm

Wednesday 22 March 2023 at 5.30pm

Wednesday 19 July 2023 at 5.30pm

The Trust Board receives regular updates from each academy in the Education Learning Trust. Please click on the following link for our governance structure.

Academy Governing Body 2022/23

David Balmer - Co-opted Governor

Toby Butt - Staff Governor

Lisa Dennis - Co-opted Governor, Academy Chair of Governors

Mark Goodwin - Parent Governor

Bilal Hameed - Parent Governor

Mike Merchant - Co-opted Governor, Vice Chair of Governors

Gemma Norman - Headteacher

Governor School Designations

Curriculum: Mike Merchant

Safeguarding: Lisa Dennis

SEND: David Balmer

Governors no longer in office:

Tuyet Dickens 01.09.18 to 31.08.22 Appointed by GB/Board - Relevant Business Interests n/a

Mhawash Farooq 30.06.21 to 18.01.23 Appointed by GB/Board - Relevant Business Interests n/a

Ryan Booth 22.11.22 to 04.05.23 Appointed by GB/Board - Relevant Business Interests n/a

The Chair of Governors can be contacted by post:

FAO: Lisa Dennis

C/O Gatley Primary School

Hawthorn Road

Our school is part of the Education Learning Trust and adheres to a set of Trust policies which are stored centrally on out Trust website Policies page. Financial policies can be found here.

Governor Attendance Data

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