Implementation and Progression of our Curriculum

Within the Physical Development, Health and Wellbeing Team, our subject leaders have shaped a unique progression grid for the teaching of PE.

The implementation of our curriculum is centred around six powerful components within each curriculum subject which have been identified as the key aspects of knowledge and skill that our children need to develop a deep understanding of during their time at Gatley Primary School.

These powerful components have been identified by our curriculum leaders and are born out of the National Curriculum and then further refined to reflect both our curriculum intent and our ambition for our pupils.

Within each subject, the powerful components have been split into knowledge components and skill components and the progression within each component has been mapped out and sequenced from our pupil's entry point in EYFS to their exit point at the end of KS2; this supports our pupils in making meaningful and coherent connections within their knowledge as they know and remember more over their primary school journey.

At the end of each phase, the key knowledge and skills children should have acquired within each subject has also been defined, supporting the planning, delivery and assessment of our curriculum offer. 

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