Teaching and Learning Partners

Gatley Teaching School

Engaging in diverse partnerships, within and beyond our local network of schools, enables staff to access and be part of a learning community with a clear sense of direction to impact on achievement for all learners. The Teaching School only acts to further enhance the quality provision within Gatley Primary School, and further adds to the school's ‘outstanding’ status. Through access to additional central funding, the Teaching School offers a significant amount of CPD opportunities to both Gatley Primary School and beyond. This positively impacts on teaching and learning and enables us to grow our future teachers and leaders. For more information please click here: Gatley Teaching School.

National Support School (NSS) (Designated March 2012)

As a National Support School, Gatley Primary has a wide range of experience of supporting schools in challenging circumstances. This work is co-ordinated by our National Leader of Education (NLE), Michelle Murray (Executive Head teacher), and supported by our designated specialist leaders of education (SLE). Through the receipt of Department for Education funding, system leaders support other schools to self-improve.

Empower Schools Alliance (ESA)

The Empower Schools Alliance is an established group of nine primary and secondary schools including another Teaching School. As a strategic partner, ESA also drives a collaborative approach to school improvement through agreed annual priorities and targets. As changes have occurred in system leadership nationally, the drive for improvements and collaboration is evident within the agenda and approaches both of ESA and Gatley Teaching School.

Extended Partnerships (via Teaching School) / Greater Manchester LLE Collaboration

Working alongside regional Teaching Schools has extended our own capacity to deliver programmes regionally. e.g. Elmridge Academy is a strategic partner with whom we work closely on delivery of leadership programmes and School Direct. As part of our close working partnerships across the Greater Manchester collaborative with ten other Teaching Schools we have been involved in a regional training programme for Local Leaders of Education (LLE).

HEI (Higher Education Institution) Partnerships

We have strong HEI links with Manchester Metropolitan University; offering Accreditation of Leadership Programmes, Research & Development projects, and School Direct training. A two-year R&D Project initiated with MMU is being used to develop our Research and Development Leads in extended research methodology training linked to closing the gap priorities across schools.

Primary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery: Teacher Research Groups (TRG)

The Teacher Research Group (TRG) provides an opportunity for your school to engage in high-quality, sustained, collaborative professional development and participate in an important national project. The aim of the pilot TRGs is to support participating teachers in developing teaching for mastery in their own school.

School Improvement Consultancy Partnership

We partner with a number of school improvement consultants to support the quality assurance of our work and provide additional challenge regarding our current approaches.

Membership of National Associations

We hold membership of ASPE (Association for the Study of Primary Education) and BELMAS (British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society, which has further extended opportunities for CPD, including Research and Development links.

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